Who we are

In the eight years since our business was established in 2006, we have enhanced and expanded our services in an industry that has been at the heart of economic and social transformation.

Through offering mobile and fixed services, broadband connectivity, and IPTV services to people, homes, and businesses all over the UAE, we aim to bring people and businesses together in what they do best.

The reason why we are building telecommunication company by increasing connectivity to meet the future needs of the people is, because our main focus is our customer. Therefore, we are providing carrier services, a data center, internet exchange facilities, as well as satellite service for broadcasters.


Develop the UAE into an international tourism and business hub as well as a peaceful place to live.

Datamena enabling the growth and the success of customers in the Middle East.

Delivered significant improvement in all our objectives for efficiency,speed and quality.

Operate ethically and responsibly under our sustainability pillars making our people and communities happier.

Our vision

Our vision is to boost your life, whenever and wherever you want.

Our mission

By creating optimal value for our shareholders through business excellence and innovation, we want to delight our customers, be the employer of choice for the best talent, and proudly contribute to our community’s transformation.

Using all our talents, skills and energies, we strive to deliver our vision by connecting, inspiring, and rewarding all we interact with, every single day.

Our values

Based on our values, we are Confident, Friendly, Honest, and Surprising.

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